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Chai Tea

A cup of tea, when you are tired, is a great energy drink. Nobody can deny the important role of Tea in the life of the human population. Irrespective of cultures or countries Tea is the one item everybody enjoys. There are many varieties of tea. The love for tea among the global population has grown to many heights with the changed aroma and taste. Many types of research proved that tea is an herbal medicine also with many medicinal powers countering many diseases. Chai tea is one such tea variety. There are many benefits to this Chai tea. This article deals with the details of Chai tea with its medicinal benefits.

Chai tea is originated in India, literally, the Hindi word Chai means tea itself. This has become very popular among tea enthusiasts. It has become an unavoidable staple in many menus. Restaurants are now offering Chai tea as a special item for their esteemed presence, showing its popularity and importance. Once you drink a cup of Chai tea, it will be sure that you will become a fan of it and will get addicted to it within no time. The kick that you get from it is immense, do not worry it is not an alcoholic beverage.

Chai tea is a special preparation of tea with many spices. The combination of the spices is very special making the Chai tea very special and tasty. The taste of the Chai tea is unique and the taste can be easily recognizable. There are many varieties of recipes available for Chai tea. Each of these varieties depends on the spices you infuse in the tea and also the quantity of the spices you use for the preparation of tea. The particular spices which will be used for the preparation of Chai tea are cloves, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, and garlic. Also to add the taste one can add molasses, honey, and sugar. Mostly black tea is used as the basic ingredient. One can use different tea species for making the Chai tea. There are recipes with very simple preparation for very complex preparation. Chai tea preparation is an art and one requires good skills to make it in an absolutely perfect way.

What are the benefits of Chai tea? There are many. Let us detail some of them.

  • Chai tea is a rejuvenation. It will rejuvenate your body and mind. One cup of tea will be a good beverage.
  • Chai tea is very good for getting relief from stress and it has proven medical powers in reducing tension.
  • Chai tea found to be useful in relieving the headache.
  • It is good herbal medicine for stomach upset and it is a very digestive agent.
  • It is a very good antioxidant which is having magnificent power as a stimulant of the immune system and also helps to counter many illnesses.
  • Recent studies claim that Chai tea is very good in preventing the growth of cancer cells. If you take one cup of Chai tea every day, you will be reducing the possibilities of cancer.

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